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Foundation Wear For Special Occasion Dresses

With the Golden Globes being last night with all its luxuriousness and glamour I decided to answer a question I am sure many of us have had... Whats up under that dress?! Not in a wink wink kind of way, but in a foundation wear kind of way. One of the things we love about award shows is the beautiful  gowns and the shapely figures that are in them. But some are so "minimalistic" that the question begs to be asked is there even any foundation where being worn, and if so where?. Well nine times out of ten no matter the size or frame there is and we are going to show just what they may be.

Jennifer LopezNeed to show a little leg? No worries! A minimizing brief bodysuit will do the trick. I imagine @jlo is wearing something very similar under the beautiful yellow gown she is wearing to the Golden Globes.

ZendayaWearing something where a little thigh jiggle isn't a problem and will go unnoticed like the look @zendaya is wearing? You can still can achieve an hourglass figure and enhance your feminine figure with a waist cincher.

Uzo AdubaA bodysuit isn't your only option for foundation wear. A thigh shaper is also an excellent alternative. For a dress like @uzoaduba is wearing no need to adjust your shaper all night, simply hook it to your bra with detachable straps, problem solved.

Jaime AlexanderRegardless of the style of dress there is foundation wear for it. A deep plunge bodysuit would be appropriate for this beautiful emerald dress @jaimiealexander is wearing.

Nicole RichieFoundation wear creates a seamless silhouette for form fitting looks like the dresses @nicolerichie wearing to the Golden Globes tonight. A backless spanx allows you to wear backless looks while simultaneously smoothing out the front. Thigh length suspender spanx allows you to wear the appropriate bra for your dress while controlling your midsection and thighs. 

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