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How to Choose the Appropriate Formal Attire

Formal Dresses

One formal dress doesn’t fit all when it comes to fabulous affairs. Knowing what to wear, when, can avoid the uncomfortable feeling of being over or under dressed. For many events the attire is based on the formality of the event. We are going to break down the appropriate dress for many common formal events that require you to get a little dazzled up. When it comes to formality, leave nothing up top chance .

Cocktail – Evening networking events, or weddings

Shorter, usually knee length dresses. Reserve the sparkle for your accessories i.e a cocktail ring or necklace. The theme for the night would be fabulous and a little flirty.

Black Tie – Charity Gala

Floor length dresses are a must, here is the time to bring out your satin's and stones, but be sleek and sensual. The theme for the night is formal and very elegant.

White Tie – Oscars

White tie events are the most formal of them all. Floor length gowns, sensual fabrics, sleek up-do’s and gloves are all acceptable. This is the time for you to bring out the bling. You will know it’s a white tie affair if you see gentlemen with white ties, hence the name, or the optional white vest, or tails. Theme for the night go all out, all bling everything.

How do you decide what to wear to a formal event? Do you ask around to see what everyone else is wearing, or do you have a "go to" dress? Lets discuss below.

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