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How To Choose Your Floral

Floral prints are like soul mates, there is one out there for everyone. At the same time floral prints are kind of like choosing the wrong pepper, it can ruin you for life and completely change your perception of a perfectly good vegetable.

I happen to love floral print dresses they are so feminine, look great in high contrast prints and allow you to rock awesome color combinations effortlessly. There are two simple rules for choosing the right floral pattern for you figure: size and balance.

First things first, size; for smaller frames choose a smaller floral print, for larger figures, choose a larger print with the ability to see more of the solid background. Choosing the appropriate flower size will prevent you from looking like a curtain and your silhouette being swallowed up.

Secondly, balance, only go with one print at a time, unless you are experienced with mixing prints. Although this can certainly be done, for a novice I would be sure to add a solid in the mix, as in a pair of tights, jacket, or a pair of slacks.

Does your closet hold a few floral frocks? If so, what’s your favorite and why? 

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