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How to Create a Contemporary Look In 5 Steps

Every woman wants to look sleek and modern. Although, being on trend is what many of us strive for, there is something to be said about timeless elegance. Contemporary style is the epitome of understated chic. But pulling off a minimalist mod
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The Devils in the Details

There is a method to the madness when it comes to the usage of details. Ideally, you'd place them on the areas you want people to zero in on. Yes, you can place them wherever you'd like for the sake of expressing yourself, but wouldn't you like to
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The Power Suit... No The Power Dress

Late last year I had a speaking engagement which I was super excited about - But popular to contrary belief, just because you have a clothing store doesn’t mean you always have something to wear. I was speaking about failure at my Alma Mater 
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