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Non Profits That Are Always Looking For Volunteers

It’s giving time! Keep your money… well don’t, but this season we want your time. There is no better season to give your time away like there’s no tomorrow like the holiday season. This time of the year can be gloomy for those of you missing lov
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Tips To Travel Like a Minimalist This Holiday Season

Traveling during the holidays can be an annual routine for many of you. Although the adventure can be thrilling, the prep work i.e. packing can be a drag. Keep it simple this time and travel like a minimalist.1. Makeup Bag – Don’t need it. Go for
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Don't Break the Bank | Casual Holiday Looks Under $60

Looking great this holiday season is a must, but you don’t need to break the bank in order to do it. Here are three holiday looks that will make you look amazing and keep a few coins in your pocket.Drop Waist Shift Dress – This color is perfect to
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Tips To Becoming More Grateful

Realistically speaking, some folks are having the best year of their lives, while others are having the worst. All and all, we are still alive and that means another day to make a change. Either way, for that chance we should all be grateful. But
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