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Cool Places to Volunteer This Holiday Season

It’s giving time! Keep your money… well don’t, but this season we want your time. The holidays can be gloomy if you are missing loved ones, or if you are short on funds. Nothing makes you grateful for what you have like helping those who would g
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Who And What Is a Good Candidate For Tailoring

Admittedly, tailoring wasn’t an option for me when it came to altering my wardrobe for a very long time. When I found something that I loved at a department store, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind I would just pass it up deciding it was to
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We Have The Ultimate Hat For Fall

I just adore hats, you can find me with one on as soon as the weather is befitting. Being it that I have short hair when I am having a bad hair day there isn't much I can do except put on a hat. Hats are also the perfect accessory, they can really ta
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How to Appear Braless If You Are Top Heavy

Ok, you have a rack that most women would die for, but with that comes its challenges. Once being a heavy “chested” girl myself, I understand your pain. Strapless bras often slip and become more trouble than they are worth. When you have a b
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Office Appropriate Halloween Costumes.

Wearing costumes on Halloween can be awesome… or awkward. Have you ever been that person who went all out for the goolish holiday only to find you were the only one? Yeah, that can be uber embarrassing. The decision of whether to be festive at wor
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