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Seasonal Depression | It's A Real Thing.

It’s Fall, and with that out goes the sun and in comes the clouds, and rain, and for some us depression. Seasonal depression is a real thing. It’s a mood disorder that happens at the same time every year. For you it’s Fall, for many women it occur
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Orange Isn't Just For Halloween

Knock, knock.Who’s there?Orange.Orange who?Orange you glad it’s Autumn?!No really, orange you? Ok, that was corny, but all jokes aside, whats your thoughts on orange? The great thing about the color, that is especially reserved for Halloween i
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Take Your LBD From Basic To Bold

I believe that we all know by now that EVERY woman needs a little black dress. They come in handy for so many occasions. I recently went to a networking event here in Detroit where Mikki Taylor the editor of Essence magazine was giving tips on h
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