About Us

About UnitedFront? 

You’ve got places to go and people to see you. UnitedFront is the contemporary dress and skirt boutique for the socially active woman that’s going places and wants to look her best when she gets there. Whether that place is a romantic date, brunch with the girls, or the happiest of happy hours we provide you with hand curated, elevated clothing by independent designers that will keep you the topic of everyone’s conversation. 

The dresses and skirts the girl on the go adorns her silhouette with should empower her and be worthy of being worn, - It's her armor. It often says what she thinks before her voice is ever heard, goes before her in a room and conveys her strength and personality, and is a prelude to what she is capable of and brings to the table. The selection of garments with which she has to convey all of these important things about herself should be carefully crafted and readily available for those moments in which she has to make a memory, change the game, or start a discussion. 

So tell us, where are you going, or better yet what are you going to wear?

Why dresses and skirts only? 

We believe the proper dress gives you three super powers, the ability to defy odds, sultry femininity and ultimate confidence. No matter the dress style, there is no denying that a quality, well made dress that’s fits amazing just sets all things right with the world or at least makes you feel like you could conquer it. And a skirt my dear is just half of a dress, but still a whole lot to handle. 

Our Customers

Always looking their best, out girls live busy lives - They are influential, confident, movers and shakers. Our consumers are smart and understand the powerful lifestyle statement elevated clothing can make and value the exclusive convenience being able to find sick dresses and skirts that express their personality and personal style in one place, all the time gives them - Freeing up more of their time to live their best lives. 

The Concept

UnitedFront was created by marketer, wife, and mother of two Jordette Singleton. Constantly finding herself with places to be, nothing to wear, and no time to shop she decided one and done fashion no longer fit her socially active lifestyle. Jordette craved a reliable “go to” women’s apparel store that offered affordable, fashion forward dresses and skirts she could make an impression in. That coupled with believing that a well-fit feminine dress is a woman’s truest and most distinct armor, Jordette set out to source timeless unpredictable women’s clothing for female phenoms and goal- getters around the world.