About Us

 "We don’t want to just make a sale, we wanted to make a difference."


Frustrated with the lack of quality, casual chic dresses and skirts available, UnitedFront’s founder Jordette Singleton created the change she wanted to see. UnitedFront was designed to be a destination for women to find staple statement dresses and skirts they can start a conversation with, and a resource for them to learn the tools to they need to ensure those garments fit well.

UnitedFront’s mission is to dispel the myth that understanding your body shape and what flatters you most is reserved for plus size women only and to prove that dress shopping doesn’t have to be a frustrating and inconvenient experience. We are a contemporary lifestyle brand for modern women that are going places, and want to look and feel their best when they get there. We feature stylish designs that speak to our consumer’s feminine taste and refined style.

We believe that you should love who you are, where you are and embrace what makes you different. We don’t want to just make a sale, we wanted to make a difference. It was important for us to create a place that didn’t exist and one that we’d actually feel good about shopping at. We imagined all the things we wanted; a place that sold amazing, unforgettable dresses to make us look good, and one that provided helpful tips and tools to increase our confidence and make us feel good - after a lot of planning and hard work UnitedFront was born.