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7 Things We Love About Dresses and It's Not What You Think

1.It’s the lazy girls uniform - We are all about that one piece no fuss life. Yup, I’m lazy and I know it, and my closet full of dresses shows it.

2.Free air conditioning - Need I say more?

3.Every day is a runway – They never hide your awesome shoes.

4.They boost our confidence – A sweet “Wow you look nice today.” usually accompanies a great dress.

5.Effortless Style – You always look like you took an hour to get ready when in reality it took you 20 minutes. #Winning

6.They save you gas money - Drinks after work, sure! No need to go jump in the car to borrow from a close friends closet, you look just fine! Dresses are versatile, save the gas, just switch out the lip gloss for lipstick and you are good to go!

7.They always have your back - Dresses are like the perfect guy you can take to any event, we all want that right? Feeling fat, throw on a maxi dress, want to be comfortable, throw on a maxi dress, and didn’t shave your legs THROW ON A MAXI DRESS. See where I’m going with this.

Stylishly Yours,