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How to Create a Contemporary Look In 5 Steps

Every woman wants to look sleek and modern. Although, being on trend is what many of us strive for, there is something to be said about timeless elegance. Contemporary style is the epitome of understated chic. But pulling off a minimalist modern look is not as easy as it seems – without key elements, you can easily miss the mark. There are a few style essentials that are ever present and up to date infinitely, we will show you what those are and how to incorporate them into your personal style.

  • Stripes - Stripes in any form never go out of style. Vertical, horizontal, big or small when done right, they pack a big punch without saying much.
  • High Contrast - Black and white are the foundation of a contemporary wardrobe. The high contrast colors can be played up or down with vivid neon’s or cool neutrals. The polar opposite hues provides a simple, eye-catching canvas to play up accessories, handbags or shoes and not look over done.
  • Minimalistic Accessories – Clean lines are the back bone of any contemporary look. Statement jewelry has had its day, but the key to a chic look is keeping your accessories simple. Minimalistic does not mean invisible - Whether textured metal or organic textiles your accoutrements should add to the overall look not get lost in it.
  • Fabric – The material you select plays a significant role and pulling together a completely effortless-looking ensemble. Silk, wool, and leather are signature contemporary fabrics, but there are quite a few more, so do your homework. Textiles that hold their shape are also worth noting here, as well as fabrics that lay well on the body and emphasize your lines. Your fabric selection if the first indication of modern style, it should exude regal and sophistication.

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