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How To Get the Perfect Fit Every Time

For some reason as women we are fixated on the size of our clothing. We will even put on an outfit, recognize it looks great and fits well, but we still won’t purchase it because it’s “Not the right size.”

Why do we torture ourselves?

Well along the way someone lied to us. The fact of the matter is SIZE doesn't matter! It's her cousin that's tucked away in the closet and is rarely ever mentioned FIT that does. The world is being extra shady to cousin Fit and it's time to talk about her for a little bit.

Fit feels good, looks good, and is very comfortable. She doesn't require tugging, squeezing, or holding in of any breaths. She doesn't enhance our trouble areas, she flatters our figures and should be the first thing taken into consideration when buying new clothes. The perfect fitting dress regardless of size will give a person a case of the 'No Ways" - You know when you hear the size of a dress and it doesn't look anything like what you thought that size would look like and you keep saying Nooooo Way!?

To get the perfect fit, here are some things you need to know:

1. What Works for Your Figure - Take inventory and become aware of your body, what do you love and what do you love less? Your body will tell you what works if you listen. We all have areas we want to conceal and others we want to accentuate. The right fit will do both. Focusing more on size instead of fit can lead to unwanted bulging, or even your body getting lost in your outfit because your clothing is too big.

2. Material - Fabric plays a big role in the fit of a garment. Understanding what material has stretch and which ones don't will give you a better understanding of why you may need to go a size up or down in a particular item.

3. Cut - The style and cut of your clothing should never be ignored. Fashion cut, standard cut, A-line dress, or sheath dress, all mean something. It tells you where the item has been modified to bring about a certain look when worn. If you don't do your homework you can actually be upset about the fit of your clothing unnecessarily. Certain cuts just don't flatter certain body categories well. Take some time to understand more about the style and cut of the clothes you love to wear and you’ll know what to look for the next time you go shopping.

4. Brand – This is the one that ties everything together. Brands design their clothing in various styles, cuts, and materials to differentiate themselves from the other brands in the fashion world. Many brands design their clothing with a particular silhouette in mind and that may not include your figure and that’s ok! Knowing what brands work for you and why will save you from spending a lot of time in the return aisle.

What so you consider first when shopping size or fit?