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Mastering the V Neck

Hey! It's #FitTipFriday and we are here to show you how to master a common styling elements and assist you with  choosing the right details for your body type. Today's tip is regarding  the v-neckline. We all have them in our closets whether it adorns a v neck knit dress or a cozy v neck sweater, but do we know why? Here are few ways this neckline benefits different figures and why you should have at least a few of them in your closet. You should understand why you purchase each and every article of clothing you own and how it enhances your figure. Not only will you spend less time in the dressing room, it will make your shopping trips more exciting! Stick with us, and you will always come home with a shopping bag, or a mailbox for that matter full of winners!

Sylishly Yours,