​Petite Power | Wardrobe Mistakes That Make You Look Shorter

​Petite Power | Wardrobe Mistakes That Make You Look Shorter

There are a lot of advantage to being vertically challenged, the boys love to pick you up and you can always find your size when you go shopping. With all of the benefits of being short, there are a few wardrobe options that can enhance the lack of height and make you look even smaller than you actually are. If short is the look you are going for, just do the opposite of everything we tell ya below.


DO: Mini dresses - These will give you the appearance of longer stems.

DON’T: Midi dresses - Tea length dresses will cut your legs off at the calf and make you appear stumpy.


DO: Pointed Toe Flats – Stiletto’s are a given for adding height, but when you are not in the mood these will give the illusion of elongated legs.

DON’T: Round Toe Ballet Flats – These will make your feet look tiny and legs shorter.


DO: V-Neck – V necklines show skin and add length to the torso and neck.

DON’T: Boat Neck – You lose an opportunity to show skin and add length to the torso and neck...


DO: Mini Bags and Clutches – Mini bags are compact and don’t hide your frame

DON’T: Over sized bags – If you are small in stature stay away from large handbags and totes, they overwhelm your body and appear more bulky and heavier than they actually are.

So although these tips won’t make you look 6 feet tall, you won’t lose any inches either. Now go off and maximize every square inch of your feminine figure!

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