Fit Guide

Nothing is more important than the fit of your garment.  In order not to be remembered for the wrong thing - We've created some tools to assist you in creating the optimum fit and achieve the perfect look.



  1. Size Does Matter... In some cases, not in this one - View our size chart and find out which size will fit your body best, it's also available on every product page.

  2. Knowledge Is Power - Not sure what an a-line dress is? Learn about that dress style and more. Discover your favorite dress and skirt style.

  3. Get In, Where You Fit In -  Everyone fits into a body category, take a look at our fit guide and learn exactly where you fit in. 

  4. Get Your Measurement On - Measurements are the cornerstone of a firm foundation. Let us show you the most important areas to measure and how. 

  5. Suggestions - We recommend the best body category for each dress or skirt on each product description page. Keep in mind everybody is different make the best decision for your figure, no body knows your body better than you! 

  6. Description Page - We provide you with everything you would ever need to know about your future garment before you purchase. No surprises here.