How To Increase Your Style Confidence

How To Increase Your Style Confidence

Keep It Real - The number one rule to increasing your style confidence is to wear clothes you like! Your style has to be organic to you, to keep it authentic don’t try to be someone else.

What’s For You Is For You – Every trend isn’t for everybody. Don’t beat yourself up about not being able to pull off the latest and greatest. Stick with styles that work for your body type and enhance your figure, those that don’t toss em’ and don’t look back.

Fashion Is Risky Business – If you are going to be a trend setter you have to take some risks… but if you are not quite ready to blaze a trail, incorporate new things into your wardrobe a little at a time. Try those paisley earring with a denim shirt you already have; or get the hounds tooth sheath dress, but pair it with a pair of pumps you know work until you get comfortable enough to venture out.

Solid as a Rock - Never leave the house unsure about your look, that’s style confidence suicide. Phone a friend or send a pic to get thier opinion. I mean who wants to spend their whole day doubting whether they look as fly as they think they do? Go ahead and get a yay or nay from the beginning, so you can strut your stuff with your style confidence through the roof.

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